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Balanced Wellness Solutions, LLC created by Scott E. Davis, M.D. is a modern individual approach to GETTING HEALTHY and STAYING HEALTHY. Many people are joining Dr. Davis as he works with them on a personalized wellness plan that teaches what they need to know to get back and maintain a healthy lifestyle. LEARN the TRUTH about how MANY CHRONIC and DEGENERATIVE DISEASES CAN BE REVERSED!

Using his blueprint, you can harness your simple, self-care practices and changes of habit. These practices cover the 4 Pillars of Health to resolving the underlying stressors that lead to the breakdown of health including your endocrine system, detoxification, nutrition and fitness.

Dr. Davis’ fascinating and refreshing approach to body transformation includes topics on mind set, nutrition, a unique exercise program and hormone balance. This program will work for all ages, but offers additional specifics to the middle aged “Baby Boomers.” His unique ability of delivering his presentations in an upbeat and often humorous fashion, leaves his audiences with a new sense if excitement and motivation.

Scott Davis, M.D. practices wellness and functional medicine in Knoxville, Tennessee where he incorporates nutrition, hormone balance, fitness and permanent weight control. He is also a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a society of physicians and scientists dedicated to enhancing the quality and extending the length of the human lifespan. Scott E. Davis, M.D. is also board certified in family practice.

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Charles and I went to one of Dr.Davis’ seminars after I had decided I was going to do something about my weight.I had never had a weight problem in my life but in about ten years I had packed on a good 50 pounds.When we left the meeting with Dr.Davis we knew that was something we both wanted to do and really thought it was something we both could do .In six months we lost over 60 pounds together, was able to get off almost all our medications and felt better than we did while on them.We were spending over $1, 000 dollars after insurance.That was in 2015. In 2016 we have not spent more than $200.

We eat much better and feel so much better.We have been out of the program for about 4 months and we have been able to continue what was taught to us in class and keep the weight OFF.

The classes were very helpful, interesting, and informative, plus Dr.Davis has a great staff working with him that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get everything possible from the program.

We truly think anyone can do this program and be so much better off once they complete the program.You get your life back, get off or at least reduce your medications and lose weight while you are doing it. You will not find a better group of people to help you get back on the right path to a healthier
you than this group.

Charles & Lois

Balanced Wellness Solutions changed my life. I wanted to improve my health and needed a plan of action. As the name suggests, a good “balance” of information was presented throughout the program covering nutrition, vitamins/supplements, exercise, environmental hazards, lifestyle changes and more. The program helped me lose 20lbs, lowered my risk of heart disease, identified food allergies, and improved my energy levels. One-on-one consultations with Dr. Scott Davis along with group classes and reference materials, was exactly what I needed. Accessibility of Dr. Davis and his assistant, Nancy Taylor, for questions was excellent. They provided me with a “true partnership” to better health. The comprehensive testing was invaluable in identifying my particular health issues.

A. F. Oak Ridge, TN

I got the call today about my blood work and without going into details, I can say all my bad stuff is almost gone and the good stuff got a lot better. I was a pre-diabetic and I am not anymore! This goes to show you with dedication and the right doctor all things are possible and I was never prescribed any medications!


Anthony Zane Simonds

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